The beautiful part about volunteering is that there is almost always something for everyone. In fact, there are often volunteer opportunities that will perfectly mesh with the skills of a specific person. Whether you are an expert at chemistry, a master carpenter or a computer whiz, there should be something for you. The hardest part is finding the opportunities. That’s where the idea for Volunteer Kelowna originated. Before jumping into any volunteer position, we suggest you do a mini self-evaluation to see whether you possess some of the following good volunteer traits:
  • passionate;
  • caring;
  • dedicated;
  • loving;
  • friendly;
  • driven;
  • flexible;
  • understanding; and
  • committed.
Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you a taste of what nonprofit organizations are looking for in volunteers. It’s unlikely that someone will have all of these traits (and that’s OK), as specific needs will depend on the volunteer opportunity in question. For instance, a person with president-level communication skills might not be best suited for working behind the scenes, such as setting up tables at a fundraiser. When it comes time to deciding where you want to invest your time and seek out a volunteer opportunity, you’ll want to align it with your passions, desires and beliefs. Also, you’ll want to assess what type of activity is within your comfort zone (unless of course, you’re looking for a challenge). Seek out volunteer activities that get you excited thinking about them. For instance, if you’re an animal lover, check out the local SPCA office. If you’re a master of eight different languages and want to keep them refined, seek out immigrants hoping to improve their English or French language skills (you might learn a little more about their culture as well). No matter what your skills or characteristics are, there should be something out there! Here at Volunteer Kelowna, we encourage people to get out of their comfort zones. A great place to kickstart this new path is by volunteering with one of the many volunteer opportunities listed on our website. By doing so, you are pushing the boundaries and allowing yourself to learn a new skill that can propel you in both your personal and professional lives.

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.

Ben Sweetland